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I am using Ruby on Rails 3.2.2 and I would like to "use" the /users/sign_up PATH instead of /users/new in order to register new users to my application.

How can I make that "a là Ruby on Rails Way"?

Note: at this time I am using the following code in the routes.rb file but I think it isn't the best way to accomplish that I am looking for:

resources :users, :except => [:new] do
  collection do
    get 'sign_up'

What would you advise?

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This should work:

resources :users, :path_names => {:new => 'sign_up'}

Its in the docs here

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You can do the following:

match '/users/sign_up' => 'users#new', :as => :signup

and make links with the signup_path helper method

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