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I am looking for a hosting solution for my Java/JSP web application. Do you know any servers which provide Tomcat hosting for v5 or greater and MySQL database?

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Guys - I went with Linod's Share VPS. I have been running it now for almost two years and have no complains at all!!!! –  Zaheer Baloch Dec 22 '13 at 10:22

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If your comfortable with Linux, I'd suggest getting a VPS. A 512MB VPS on Slicehost will run you $39 a month. You'll have trouble getting Tomcat to run in 256MB, but it should be fine with 512MB.

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Slicehost seems to be the favourite and it has good upgrade plans as well. I will give Slicehost a try and come back with my experience. Thank you very much for your reply. –  Zaheer Baloch Jul 16 '09 at 16:52
- I went with Linod's Shared VPS. I have been running it now for almost more than two years to host apps, projects etc!!!! I have no complains! Worth every cent! –  Zaheer Baloch Dec 22 '13 at 10:23

If you are looking for some hosting just to study, i think you should take a look at cloud hostings, which now are in beta stage. They are free and quite useful. I propose Jelastic(in production now, still available for trial), OpenShift or CloudFoundry. If this is for production purposes - any VPS, Heroku or another cloud hosting.

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I personally wouldn't look for a technology specific solution but something that I can use for Java and perhaps something else. In this regard VPS solutions are rather a good option since you still get managed hardware but the flexibility of you doing the software management.

I've been using Slicehost for about a year now and a friend and I have Python, PHP and now also Java web apps running on it. Just keep in mind that you probably want something that has 512MB of RAM or more if you want to run Java apps.

Linode also looks like a nice VPS provider that is a bit cheaper than Slicehost.

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thank you very much. slicehost seems to be the favorite. i will give it a shot and come back with my experience. thanks again. –  Zaheer Baloch Jul 16 '09 at 16:53


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