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Can someone point me to a specific algorithm that is used to remove introns from lgp individuals ?

Thank you

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as far as removing introns are concerned, I would look at this paper: A Comparison of Linear Genetic Programming and Neural Networks in Medical Data Mining.

While the focus of the paper is probably not of interest, in Section II-B (Pages 20-21 I think). The authors discuss what I believe to be a pretty good simple intron detection algorithm.

This is a rather old paper, so it would be probably worth it to search the papers that cite this paper for other approaches that could help you.

I would in particular recommend for a more advanced approach the algorithm described in the paper:

"Redundancies in linear GP, canonical transformation, and its exploitation: a demonstration on image feature synthesis" (Evolvable Machines 2011)

To obtain this second paper, just type the title into Google, the first link should be the Springer pay wall link, but if you click Quick-View you should be able to get the paper no problem from Google Cache. (Let me know if you can't get to it I will help)

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