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I am attempting to use QtCreator as an IDE for a straight C project. The reason is that I am comfortable with QtCreator and I want a visual IDE for stepping through this new project I am working on. My development box and my deployment box are different, but both of those have gmake on them. QtCreator requires cmake, which I dont mind putting on my development box, but my deployment box is not going to have cmake.

Am I OK to build my software on the Qt box, and be sure it will deploy on the deployment box?

Edit: to be clear, the existing code base already has a makefile structure going, and I'd rather not interrupt that. If I can set my project up to use those existing targets and such it would be great.

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If your project is using CMake as build system, then you should have it installed on the machine you are building. You can't pregenerate Makefile's and then just run make on the other box.

Well, you actually can, but then you will probably need same compiler versions, libs/headers located in same paths and etc. So generally it's not good idea.

As for deploying already compiled binaries - it have no relation to CMake. The general rule there is that you should have same shared libraries on both machines. Linking your project statically allows deploying single fat executable/library, without any additional dependencies.

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