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I have a global-scale map with a search bar that allows the user to search for a country, and when they click the button it will zoom in to the country they searched for (using the Google Geocoder). My issue is that when I pass 'Georgia' to the geocoder, it finds the state of Georgia, not the country. Is there any way to avoid this? How do I specify the country of Georgia, and ignore the USA's Georgia?

Try it out here:

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It worked for me and I did the following:

Clicked in the "Search by country" and instead of typing just "Georgia" I put "Country Georgia" and it works.

Since the Google maps geocoder is just like a google search, it's "smart". ;)

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Thanks! I just added an if statement to see if the input equals 'Georgia' and have it change it to 'Country Georgia' – csterling Jul 6 '12 at 18:28

I used "Georgia Country". Example

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