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I'm using the Roots WordPress theme, although I'm sure the process will be the same for any Bootstrap enabled site.

I'd like to disable the built-in Twitter Bootstrap icons and use Font Awesome's in their place. I have loaded Font Awesome's, and they're working, but some icons like icon-envelope seem to load icons from both sets.

Is there a way to disable the default Twitter Bootstrap icons?

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You need to recompile the LESS source in the Roots repo to CSS, making the changes found on the Font Awesome website's section on Integration.

Lazy Way

I did a diff of the bootstrap.css in the Roots repo and the bootstrap.min.css in the Bootstrap repo, and turns out they're identical. So, technically, you should just be able to use the Bootstrap Customize page, uncheck the Icons checkbox, and then hit the enormous DOWNLOAD button at the bottom.

Replace the bootstrap.css in your Roots theme with the bootstrap.min.css in the css directory of the downloaded zip (renaming it, of course).

Now just use the CSS files that Font Awesome provides.


Long (Thorough) Way

  1. Clone a copy of the Roots repo.

  2. Install some form of LESS compiler (see Twitter Bootstrap page on LESS compiling)

  3. Copy Font Awesome files into repo, including font-awesome.less into roots/css/less directory.

  4. Edit the bootstrap.less, replacing @import "sprites.less"; with @import "font-awesome.less";

  5. Update the paths to the fonts, in the font-awesome.less file.

  6. Compile bootstrap.less to bootstrap.css. (Don't forget minification)

  7. Use that file and upload the fonts to the directories you specified.

The choice is yours. Either should work.


BootstrapCDN now serves an icon-less version of Bootstrap, as well as the FontAwesome CSS files. That makes the "Lazy Way" all the more simple.

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