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I am developing a mobile web application which is implemented in WML (to minimize roundtrips to the server).

I've tested the application on the following browsers:

  • IE for Windows Mobile 5
  • IE for Windows Mobile 6
  • Opera Mobile
  • Nokia Series 40 web browser
  • Nokia Series 60 web browser
  • NetFront (for Symbian)
  • NetFront (for Sony Ericsson)
  • NetFront (for Samsung)
  • Fly SX210 (don't know neither platform nor browser name, HTTP_USER_AGENT says FLY-SX210/Profile/MIDP.2.0Configuration/CLDC.1.0)

IPhone does not support WML, I use IUI for IPhone instead.

What else widely used mobile browsers should I test the application with?

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The only big one I think your missing is the Verizon HTML Browser, standered on most touch screen phones Verizon has.

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@Tony: thanks, will give it a try –  Quassnoi Jul 16 '09 at 20:00
No problem. Let me know how it goes. –  Tony C Jul 16 '09 at 22:57

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