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I am currently working on an Android App, and have been for about six weeks. I just found out that it will also need to be run in a different language. All of my string resources are saved in the strings.xml file.

What I was wondering, was if I could make a separate file, something like strings2.xml, and depending on what the user chooses, the program will choose either strings.xml or strings2.xml for all of the string references.

This would be in my layout file, main.xml.

android:text="@string/more_parameters" />

Then I would have 2 separate string files. strings.xml

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" standalone="no"?>
    <string name="more_parameters">More Parameters</string>

and strings2.xml

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" standalone="no"?>
    <string name="more_parameters">Mais Parâmetros</string>

It seems like this won't be possible, but if it is, I'd appreciate the info.

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it looks like you are simply trying to internationalize your app. android of course has a well-defined facility for this. create locale-specific values folders under res as


and populate this file with the values according to the locale. for example,


for details, read the Android Localization page on the developer site.

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you can switch language manually..

  String[] array={"English","Deutsch"};
                Locale locale = new Locale(array[0]);
                Configuration config = new Configuration();
                config.locale = locale;

but for this you need res/values-de/strings.xml for Deutsch localization.

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It can be done in Android very easily,

Not only String.xml(for different languages), you can also use same layouts.xml, drawables(for different screen sizes), You just need to name your res/folder-name folder accordingly, Mr Blattman already answered in detail.

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