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I have string variable with HTML entities:

var str = 'Some text & text';

I want to convert (decode) it to original characters:

Some text & text.

JavaScript doesn't have built-in function to achieve wanted result. I can't use jQuery or DOM objects because I need it to work in Google Apps Script.

How can I do that in simple way?

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You can use built-in Xml Services:

var str = 'Some text & text';
var decode = Xml.parse('<d>' + str + '</d>');
var strDecoded = decode.getElement().getText();

or you can use built-in E4X XML class.

var str = 'Some text &#x26; text';
var decode = new XML('<d>' + str + '</d>');
var strDecoded = decode.toString();
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thanks for sharing this awesome hack! :) is there a way to go the other i.e. convert special characters in a string to their corresponding html entities? Thanks! :) – Saqib Ali Jan 3 '13 at 2:29
Xml.parse in the first example has been deprecated, but second example works fine. – Hafez Apr 27 at 0:47

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