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I have a pickerview which works with a tableView. When the user select a row in the picker, the value is send back to the tableview in the current selectedCell. For this part, this is fine. But the tricky thing is that i want when the user select a value in the picker, this value should not be "selectable", except if the user change the value in tableview by selecting another value in the picker.

=> The picker aim to update field in tableview. And each picker row can only be use once but remain visible with a check mark or something.

Unfortunately, i can't find a way to do this.

Has anyone an idea ?

Thanks in advance,

Thanks all !

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Have you tried setting userInteractionEnabled property of the picker to NO when you don't need the value to be changed? You can set it to YES when you need to enable it.

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Hi, thanks for the quick answer. I guess this is my english which cause a missunderstood. I didn't want the full picker to be locked. Only the already selected row. – Smazimute Jul 6 '12 at 18:04

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