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I don't know if it's appropriate to ask this question here, but if someone can give me a tip that would be very appreciated.

I need to download some PDF files from a website. I can view each page by clicking on its link in the website, when I copy the link address then paste it to another tab it will show "404 not found". I tried pasting the link to all of the browser, Internet Download Manager and some others, but the message is always "not found".

Can someone explain what did the owner of the website do to it, so that you must stay on the site to read the PDFs? And (how) will I be able to bypass this restriction?

Here's the website: (select a model then the PDF manual will show up).

Try right-clicking on a page, then copy the link address then paste it elsewhere.

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I can't reproduce the problem. I can copy a link to one of the PDFs and download it with wget without problems. – legoscia Jul 6 '12 at 16:43
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You can find the real path to the PDF-file by checking the html code: Maybe they covered it with a 404-link to prevent downloading.

EDIT: Actually you don't need to search for the link. Hover the right side of the pdf and you will see a "save"-icon.

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Thank you so much for the tip! I appreciate other replies too, but this tip helps me out the most, and it's what I was desperately looking for. Maybe my question wasn't very clear for everyone. In fact I was tasked to download all the pages of the PDF documents, so I needed to download them in batch (hundred of pages). With this tip I am now able to make the list of links (need some editing in the links, but easy) to put into the downloader then sit back and watch it downloading, instead of clicking each page then save! (I knew of the "save" icon but that still require clicking and saving:) – Tran Jul 7 '12 at 9:29
Hey Chris, how did you get that link? did you do a view source and grab it from the link in the container or what? I have the same problem with an ebrary site so I'd like to know the method you used. – Jack Mayerz Nov 16 '15 at 12:26

In Safari, I was able to right-click on the tag containing the PDF and select "Save PDF as...". Worked just fine. Try a different browser.

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Sometimes, some web developer will run the PDF within a container to prevent people from downloading them. Not sure if this is the case in your website.

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Your question will be moved to I think.

If you disable the pdf plugin in your browser, it will give you the full url of the pdf that you can copy around.

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They did some JavaScript event catching tricks where they catch the event of you clicking the link on the menu, parse the URL in the link (which is bad, as you noted) to figure out which file you wanted, then switch the PDF container to display that file from the correct subdirectory of the site.

The code seems to be rather well commented actually, but I don't know french.

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Some sites obfuscate the links for things like images and pdfs in order to prevent you from "saving" a copy. This is usually done with Javascript and typically results in a dialog message to the effect of "we don't want you to download this"

Since you can't actually view things inside your browser without the actual ability to download it, this sort of "copy protection" really is just smoke and mirrors. If you install a tool like "web developer" or "fire bug" (both for Firefox), you have the opportunity to view the source of the page after it has been mangled by the Javascript. Such source will contain the working download links.

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Use chrome browser When you view the PDF document in the browser - right click and choose PRINT You would see "Destination" on the right side - Press the "change" button and select "Save as PDF"

Voila .............

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