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I am looking for something similar to the JavaScript linting tools JSHint or JSLint for C. My text editor (Sublime Text 2) has a JSHint pluggin that gives me real time feedback to my JavaScript code.

What is the best way to get feedback about the quality of my C code? Are there any tools that could give me real time linting?

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Have you looked at Rational Purify or Quantify? –  user195488 Jul 6 '12 at 16:45
There is VisualLint (requires cppcheck or PCLint), for example. But it is an add-in to Visual Studio and I'm not even sure that is remotely useful for you. –  0xC0000022L Jul 6 '12 at 16:45

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I've concocted a way to drop some user-made linters written for SublimeText 2 into the mix to get the linting working with SublimeLinter and ANSI C. Also note, this is a slightly 'hacky' way of getting it to work.

  • You must have clang installed (for OS X you can use Apple's command line tools to install clang/the LLVM compiler, which requires only a developer account, which is free), you also must have SublimeLinter installed in Sublime Text 2

  • Navigate to this user's fork of SublimeLinter and proceed to download the 'c.py' module from the modules folder

  • Copy this module into SublimeLinter's working modules directory located under **your SublimeText 2 data directory**\Packages\SublimeLinter\sublimelinter\modules\ (see this for further information on the data directory)

  • Restart Sublime Text 2

†Be sure that the current language in the lower right-hand corner of the window is set to 'C', not 'C++', 'Python', ect.

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Take a look at the Clang Static Analyzer and Gimpel's PC-lint and FlexeLint

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Also, please have a look at cppcheck

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Passing it through your compiler with full warnings is a pretty good basic lint. It will catch things like typoed variables and such. clang with optimizations off is fast enough to use as the basis of a real-time plugin, but I'm not aware of such for sublime text.

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You have enough rep that I feel this might be too obvious of a suggestion, but it sounds like you would basically benefit from an IDE? e.g., Eclipse. I dev in Eclipse/Java and it's pretty aggressive regarding errors/warnings, certainly more than I've seen a compiler be.

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