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I wrote a simple Zend Custom View Helper. The path is correct but the helper works when it wants.

Now I don't have access to my project files to paste the code but shortly the helper gets a string (product description, title etc.), change the prices in it (for example from '£.$x' to '€.$y' where $y = $x*$exchangeRate) and return the new string.

The problem occurs when I pass the parameter. It doesn't work even after return $str; in the first line of the function with the other logic commented. So I couldn't debug the helper.

If I use the function like a normal function in the View - same algorythm works. So I didn't think the problem is in the algorythm. Even more interesting and funny is that it worked yesterday for a moment with the helper. Today it worked for a moment only with echo $this->currencyExchange('32121'); or similar strings, and at the end of the day it stopped working absolutely.

Edit: Here is the code:

class Helper_View_CurrencyTransform extends Zend_View_Helper_Abstract {

public function currencyTransform( $str, $currencyTo = 2 ) {
    $mCurrencies = new Models_Currencies();
    $mCurrenciesExchangeRates = new Models_CurrenciesExchangeRates();

    $currencyFrom = 2; // GBP (default)
    $currencyFromSymbol = $mCurrencies->getCurrencySymbol($currencyFrom);

    $currencyTo = $mCurrencies->getCurrencyIdByField('symbol', $this->user->currency_symbol);
    $rate = $mCurrenciesExchangeRates->getExchangeRate($currencyFrom, $currencyTo);

    $match = array();
    $regex = '/'.$currencyFromSymbol.'([0-9]+([\,][0-9])?+[\.]*[0-9]*)/';
    preg_match_all($regex, $str, $match);
    $amounts = $match[1];

    if(!empty($amounts)) {
        foreach($amounts as &$amount) {
            $amount = number_format($amount*$rate, 2, '.', ',');

        foreach($match[1] as &$m) {
            $m = $currencyFromSymbol.$m;

        foreach($amounts as &$a) {
            $a = $this->user->currency_symbol.$a;
        $str = str_replace($match[1], $amounts, $str);

    return $str;

And I am calling it with $this->currencyTransform($string); Any ideas?

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Could you please post the relevant pieces of code? Without the code your story is waaaaay too vague – Stardev Jul 6 '12 at 19:00
I can post the code until Monday. But as I say the helper didn't work even if in its body there is only return $str;. So, I think, the logic in the helper is not very important. Helper is accessible from the view (no path problems) because it worked for a moment the other day. – enenen Jul 7 '12 at 6:10
Please add the code how you enable the path to the view helper. Do you get an error when you call the helper in the view? If yes add the error message. – ByteNudger Jul 14 '12 at 19:29

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