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I'm stumped as to why this Python regex doesn't give me the expected results. In the example below, I am expecting the output to be "/w:document/w:body/w:sectPr" but the actual result (Python v3.2) is "/w:sectPr". I have simplified my problem for the following example.

import re

path = "/w:document/w:body/w:sectPr/w:footerReference"
rxSetting = re.compile('(/\w+:[^/]+){3}')   # top-three
matchSetting = rxSetting.match(path)
setting = matchSetting.group(1)

When I check it with regexpal, it matches what I wanted. Do I need to do something specific in Python to make this work?

Thanks for any advice.

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Here try this :

rxSetting = re.compile('((?:/\w+:[^/]+){3})')

If you want to capture (group) the first three you will need the parenthesis around the whole regex.

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Thanks! Now I feel like I missed the obvious solution. – Bargonaut Jul 6 '12 at 17:48
No problem! Please give this answer a check if you feel it answered your question. – danseery Jul 6 '12 at 17:50

If you want the whole match, you can also just use .group(0) or .group()

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