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Here's my issue. I have a site that provides some investing services, I pay for end of day data which is all I really need for my service but I feel its a bit odd when people check in during the day and it only displays yesterdays closing price. End of day is fine for my analytics but I want to display delayed quotes on my site.

According to the yahoo's YQL faq: If you use IP based authentication then you are limited to 1000 calls/day/IP, if my site grows I may exceed that but I was thinking of trying to push this request to the people browsing my site themselves since its extremely unlikely that the same IP will visit my site 1,000 times a day(my site itself has no use for this info). I would call a url from their browser, then parse the results so I can allow them to view it in the format of the sites template.

I'm new to web development so I'm wondering is it a common practice or a bad idea to have the users browser make the api call themselves?

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The FAQ also says that you can make 100,000 calls/day/key if OAuth based authentication is used. How to generate and register the OAuth key can be found here. If 100,000 calls/day is fine then that should solve your issue. – Karan Ashar Jul 11 '12 at 20:53
@KaranAshar it's more than enough for now but I figured if I could push the limit to the users then I'll never have to worry about it because if a user goes beyond the limit they will only impact themselves. – Error_404 Jul 11 '12 at 21:30
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It is not a bad idea at all:

  • You stretch up limitations this way;
  • Your server will respond faster (since it does not have to contact the api);
  • Your page will load faster because the initial response is smaller;
  • You can load the remaining data from the api in async manner while your UI is already responsive.

Generally speaking it is a great idea to talk with api's from the client. It's more dynamic, you spread traffic, more responsiveness etc...

The biggest downside I can think of is depending on the availability of other services. On the other hand your server(s) will be stressed less because of spreading the traffic.

Hope this helped a bit! Cheers!

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