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I'm new to couch, but I'm tracking down a bug and would like a view that will emit all docs of a certain type where the value of a certain key is not an array.

I tried

function(doc) {
    if( doc.Type == "MyType" && !( doc.Stuff instanceof Array ) )
         emit( doc._id, null );

But it's returning all the docs of type "MyType" even though doc.Stuff is an Array. Is what I want to do possible? Am I just making a stupid mistake?

For the record this is just a temporary view I'm using to hopefully track down a bug.

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Try with:

if(doc.Type === "MyType" && !isArray(doc.Stuff))
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Great! Thanks. Found the bug already, but this is exactly what I was looking for –  wallacer Jul 12 '12 at 16:31

You shouldn't rely on constructor or anything that relies on constructor like instanceof. I'd recommend duck typing this with something like this:

if( doc.Type == "MyType" && !( doc.Stuff.splice && doc.Stuff.join ) )
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