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Is it possible to get the output of an exec'ed executable. I want to show the user a info query page but show the default value of mac address in the input box. Is there any other way to reach the same goal?

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Yes, use redirection of the standard output to a file:

function NextButtonClick(CurPage: Integer): Boolean;
  TmpFileName, ExecStdout: string;
  ResultCode: integer;
  if CurPage = wpWelcome then begin
    TmpFileName := ExpandConstant('{tmp}') + '\ipconfig_results.txt';
    Exec('cmd.exe', '/C ipconfig /ALL > "' + TmpFileName + '"', '', SW_HIDE,
      ewWaitUntilTerminated, ResultCode);
    if LoadStringFromFile(TmpFileName, ExecStdout) then begin
      MsgBox(ExecStdout, mbInformation, MB_OK);
      // do something with contents of file...
  Result := True;

Note that there may be more than one network adapter, and consequently several MAC addresses to choose from.

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Note that rather than hard-coding "cmd.exe" it's better practice to use ExpandConstant('{cmd}'). (Of course, it's better still to use proper APIs instead of trying to capture the output of console commands, as the latter may change without notice, since it's intended for humans.) –  Miral Jul 14 '12 at 4:25
For clarification: you need to run your program through the command prompt to get redirection. I initially looked at this answer and was confused why this wasn't working for me, the reason was because I didn't realise redirection is a function of the command prompt rather than windows, so you need to Exec on cmd.exe /c <command> <parameters> –  phillip voyle Jan 20 at 3:19

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