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I would like to change where the logo in my app links to based on the users status (logged in or not).

If the user is logged in I would like it to link to their profile page (users/show). If not logged in then to root_path.

I have this setup using a helper:


<%= link_to logo, root_path %>


  def logo
    logo = image_tag("rlogo.png", alt: "Sample App")


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FYI, in your helper, there's no reason to set a logo variable. You can just do image_tag("rlogo.png", alt: "Sample App") – Emily Jul 6 '12 at 18:52
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The ternary solution Matzi suggested would certainly work, but another option would be to modify your helper to set up the logo and link, something like this (where current_user is a method that returns a User instance for the logged in user):

def logo_link
  destination = current_user.present? ? current_user : root_path
  link_to image_tag("rlogo.png", alt: "Sample App"), destination

Then, in your view, just include

<%= logo_link %>

You could also use your existing logo helper inside the logo_link helper, if it's something you'll still want outside to use of that context.

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Use C-like conditional expression in view:

<%= link_to logo, (is_logged ? profile_path : root_path) %>
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