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I'm calling facebook authentication API


I get back following response.


I'm using Spring3.0, and when is use some method like getCode() to read query parameter in Controller, I get truncated value for query paramter "code"

instead of getting, AQA84TrJjJNQaib2qvhGSdrPIIwJoIlfs9ZABjhBO6H9vt2wSZuRedigWjgV8SMg7QafCq-0xgbvi5k1e-RtFNA1pbrcfSsIqBL__-YWWhVFFepTGUuJeXWPW8Z3orRl-fWJUqb2mnmAJ995VFVX3O9N4iDj_3mhgQLC0DVwegprezqV6fU1tElMpH5Gj0#=

I get AQA84TrJjJNQaib2qvhGSdrPIIwJoIlfs9ZABjhBO6H9vt2wSZuRedigWjgV8SMg7QafCq-0xgbvi5k1e-RtFNA1pbrcfSsIqBL__-YWWhVFFepTGUuJeXWPW8Z3orRl-fWJUqb2mnmAJ995VFVX3O9N4iDj_3mhgQLC0DVwegprezqV6fU1tElMpH5Gj0

I am using UTF-8 encoding, any help on this please?

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I am using UTF-8 encoding

That doesn’t matter, since this is not a character encoding issue.

A hash # in an URL marks the start of the “fragment identifier”, and that does not get passed to the server.

I get truncated value for query paramter "code"

There is no truncation, because the value of the code parameter ends before the #.

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