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We are using JAXB in conjuction with sTAX XMLEventReaderAPI to parse and extract data xml retrieved by making a REST Call.

InputStream responseStream = response.getEntityInputStream();
    if (responseStream != null) 

        XMLInputFactory xmlif = XMLInputFactory.newInstance();

        // stax API
        XMLEventReader xmler = xmlif.createXMLEventReader(new InputStreamReader(responseStream));

        EventFilter filter = new EventFilter() {
            public boolean accept(XMLEvent event) {
                return event.isStartElement();

       XMLEventReader xmlfer = xmlif.createFilteredReader(xmler, filter);

       // use jaxb
        JAXBContext ctx = JAXBContext.newInstance(Summary.class);
        Unmarshaller um = ctx.createUnmarshaller();

        while (xmlfer.peek() != null) {
            JAXBElement<CustomObject> se = um.unmarshal(xmler,
            CustomObject = se.getValue();

    } else {
        logger.error("InputStream response from API is null. No data to process");

So Basically we parse using sTAX first then unarshall content using JAXB which unmarshalls it the CustomObject type. We do other stuff to this CustomObject type later.

However we ran into an issue as this chunk of code executes on JBoss AS 6.1.0.Final

We get an exception saying "The declaration for the entity "HTML.version" must end with '>'"

It appears that either sTAX or JAXB is validating against a DTD/XSD. The XSD is defined on the same server to which the REST call is made.

Because we are using SUN sTAX and not woodstox that there is no inherent DTD/XSD Validation that comes with it. There is no validation and the error cannot come from the sTAX call

Is that correct ?

If the issue is not validation failure with sTAX it has got to be JAXB.

However I cannot do the following:


because setValidating is a deprecated method.

Any ideas/suggestions on how to go about this ? Is our hypothesis correct ? Is this a known JBoss Issue perhaps ?

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The error message looks like a parser message, are you sure the document is valid? Could you post the full stack trace and XML document? – Blaise Doughan Jul 6 '12 at 20:46

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