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Is there a way to quickly get what views are are at (contain) the specific point of a UITouch? I have the coordinates relative to self.view but would like to know any/all of the views that are at that point. My view hierarchy is similar to

  • self.view
    • scrollview
      • view
      • view
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You can use the CGRectContainsPoint() method. This method will return a boolean value. You need to pass the views frame(CGRect) and the coordinates relative to touch(CGPoint).


Also you can check with this method too,

CGPoint aPoint = //your touch point;
BOOL isPointInsideView = [yourView pointInside:aPoint withEvent:nil];

Here the given point (aPoint) is checked with the view you are giving (yourView) and returns a boolean value.

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thanks, these both look good. I also found some info on hitTest: that might work too. –  Scott F Jul 9 '12 at 19:57

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