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I created a class Adresy:

class Adresy {
        static const DWORD hp = 0x947000;
        static const DWORD mp = 0x7B2084;
        static const DWORD cap = 0x97EE94;
        enum Flags
            None = 0,
            Poisoned = 1,
            Burning = 2,
            ProtectedByMagicShield = 16

When I try to use it in this example:

if(( (DWORD) adr.ProtectedByMagicShield & pFlags) == (DWORD) ProtectedByMagicShield){

it says throws the error: 'ProtectedByMagicShield' : undeclared identifier...

pFlags is a DWORD, I'm using C++.NET.

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if(( (DWORD) Adresy::ProtectedByMagicShield & pFlags) == (DWORD) Adresy::ProtectedByMagicShield){

You need to use the class name and the scoping token (::) to access the values of the enum.

This is because the enum isn't owned by any particular instance of your class but by the class itself, like the static const members.

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thx, it work :) –  user1100671 Jul 6 '12 at 19:28

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