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I need some help to import modules dynamically. Given this structure:

    • myModule.py
    • SUBDIRECTORY otherModules
      • moduleA.py
      • moduleB.py

And I need to import either moduleA or moduleB into myModule which are in the subdirectory otherModules. What I did is:

(f, filename, desc) = imp.find_module('otherModules')
path = imp.load_module('otherModules', f, filename, desc)

(f, filename, desc) = imp.find_module(mod_name, path.__path__)
    mod = imp.load_module(mod_name, f, filename, desc)

Where "mod_name" is either moduleA or moduleB. This works so far. But in case moduleA needs to import moduleB I get the message that

$ImportError: No module named moduleB

How do I solve this problem? Is the way I used imp.load_module even correct so far?

Thanks for helping!

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I believe the argument to find_module needs to the name of the file instead of the directory. Unless you need the directory then that should be the second argument after the name. –  Quentin Engles Apr 16 '13 at 4:53

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