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I'm trying to initialise a list of args to use with fusion::invoke. The args are all of the form:

template <typename Type>
struct ArgWrapper
    inline ArgWrapper(){}
    inline void Setup(lua_State*L,int idx)
        //setup this value from the lua state...
        //in reality this class is specialised for different lua types
    operator Type(){return value;}
    Type value;

So I can do, for example

int add(int a,int b){return a+b;}
fusion::vector<ArgsWrapper<int>,ArgsWrapper<int> > v;
std::cout<<fusion::invoke(add,v)//prints 3

But if I have a fusion sequence of type FusionListType, where I know each type in the sequence is an ArgWrapper of some type, how can I iterate through that list and call the Setup function on each element (I have just one lua_State pointer and want to use it as the first argument for Setup, and I want to use the position in the sequence as the second argument).

So for a vector of size 3 I want the resultant logic to be:


I have tried:

template<typename ArgWrapperType,int N>
void FillArgWrapper(ArgWrapperType arg,lua_State*L)
template<typename ArgWrapperType>
void FillArgWrapper<ArgWrapperType,0>(ArgWrapperType arg,lua_State*L)

But this fails to compile, saying function template partial specialisation ‘FillArgWrapper<ArgWrapperType, 0>’ is not allowed.

Thanks in advance.

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Ok, I figured it out. I need to be using a struct:

template <typename ArgWrapperList,u32 N=mpl::size<ArgWrapperList>::value-1>
struct ArgWrapperListFiller
    static inline void Setup(ArgWrapperList &args,lua_State*L)
template <typename ArgWrapperList> //base case, do not recurse
struct ArgWrapperListFiller<ArgWrapperList,0>
    static inline void Fill(ArgWrapperList &args,lua_State*L)
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