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I am attempting to pass a collection of anonymous types which has in itself a collection of types to the Razor view engine.

I am using the following extension to pass dynamic objects to the view.

 public static ExpandoObject ToExpando(this object anonymousObject)
        IDictionary<string, object> anonymousDictionary = new RouteValueDictionary(anonymousObject);
        IDictionary<string, object> expando = new ExpandoObject();
        foreach (var item in anonymousDictionary)
        return (ExpandoObject)expando;

It works with simple anonymous objects such as:

mylinqstatement.Select(x => new { foo = x.f, bar = x.b }.ToExpando());

However, I have been unsuccessful in passing a more complex type such as:

mylinqstatement.GroupBy(y => y.foo).Select(x => 
     new { foo = x.key, bar = x.Select(y => y.b) }.ToExpando());

I have made several attempts to rewrite the ladder statement (I showed the simplest), but the property I want (the value of y.b) is never accessible within the view.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Please put your answer in an Answer rather than as an edit to your question. –  StriplingWarrior Jul 6 '12 at 22:25
It won't let me for several more hours. I'll do so when it unlocks the ability. –  Eric W. Jul 6 '12 at 22:45

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I answered my own question.

mylinqstatement.GroupBy(y => y.foo).Select(x => new { foo = x.key, 
 bar = x.Select(y => new { someProperty = y.b) }.ToExpando())}.ToExpando());

In the view...

@foreach (var item in Model)

 foreach (var barItem in item.bar)  //<--- notice it's not simply 'in item'. 
 @barItem .someProperty 


Hopefully this can help someone to avoid unnecessary headache.

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