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I have a collection with each document representing a virtual auction. I want to find the most common item ID for a given time period. In SQL, I'd SELECT item, COUNT(*) as count with GROUP BY item and the usual sorting and limits. Is there a mongodb equivalent to this?

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MongoDB has several options here.

Each of these options will have a different syntax and a different speed.

In any of these cases, you will likely find these options relatively slow. Map / Reduce jobs are intended to be run "off-line", generally as a "cron job" or "scheduled task". Note that if you plan to do this a lot, you will likely want to pre-aggregate this data.

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I now have a Map / Reduce operation that runs once an hour into a separate table. –  Ben L. Jul 6 '12 at 23:56

Or you can use MapReduce and then sort the output collection or you can use the command group, but you will need to do most of the sorting and limit on the client side.

Example for group command:

       {key: { a:true, b:true },
        cond: { active:1 },
        reduce: function(obj,prev) { prev.csum += obj.c; },
        initial: { csum: 0 }

It's also worth to mention that in the next stable version of mongodb (2.2) they will release a new aggregation framework, which will make this operations much easier.

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