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I was asked in a precedent question to be more precise about my compilation error message. Here's the fact : I know nothing about GWT and Java. Following the docs, I tried to compile Java files from a web project that had been precedently developed using GWT. So, to test and understand how all this work, I took the java folder (that had been precedently compiled with an appropriate tool) into src folder of a web app project in my ide Eclipse

When running the compiler using the command GWT Compile, I had this message error :

Compiling module java.org.primagora Validating newly compiled units Ignored 5 units with compilation errors in first pass. Compile with -strict or with -logLevel set to TRACE or DEBUG to see all errors. Finding entry point classes [ERROR] Unable to find type 'org.client.primagoraEntryPoint' [ERROR] Hint: Check that the type name 'org.client.primagoraEntryPoint' is really what you meant [ERROR] Hint: Check that your classpath includes all required source roots

When I look at the error on the file, for example java.org.client.primagoraEntryPoint, I find an error when it is declared "package org.client" at the very beginning of the file. There seem to be an error path. I thought the java folder I took would be correctly implemented in Eclipse.

Is that clearly a file path problem ? How should I debugg it ? (I reallly know nothing about gwt, java , eclipse)

Best, Newben

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Where is your GWT module file (i.e. a file that ends in .gwt.xml), and what are its contents? The package you list for your entrypoint is org.client, and the full name is org.client.primagoraEntryPoint, suggesting that there is a file in org/client/primagoraEntryPoint.java. By default, module files include the client package relative to them as source, so if the file is in the wrong location, this won't work correctly.

Based on this, your module file should be in the org package:


From the very beginning of your error, you list java.org.primagora as the module:

Compiling module java.org.primagora

This suggests the following structure:


This doesn't make sense, since GWT is now looking for a java.org.client package instead of a org.client package. Try using the package setup mentioned earlier here.

A better option might be to pick an existing working project, like what the GWT plugin for Eclipse will create, or one of the samples in the GWT download.

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