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How do I create space around the points I've plotted with matplotlib?

For example, in this plot, the bottom left point is cutoff by the axis, but I would like a little more space between the point and the axis. example plot

import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
x = [2**i for i in xrange(4,14)]
y = [i**2 for i in x]
plt.xlim([0, 2**14]) # <--- this line does nothing

In interactive mode, the xlim line returns (16.0, 16384), the old values instead of the new values I'm trying to set.

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Zero can not be plotted on a loglog graph (log(0) = -inf). It is silently failing because it can not use 0 as a limit.

Try plt.xlim([1,2**14]) instead.

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Silently failing wasn't helpful, but of course 0 can't be plotted! Good answer. –  Joe Jul 7 '12 at 22:20

If you are looking for a general way to handle this problem and want to automatically adjust the limits of your plot (even without knowing anything of your data), you can also write a snippet inspired by this answer to a similar question.

Note that you will have to tweak the code a little bit and change it so it also do the job for the y axis.

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