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I need to know, when we click on a application in android, how does it loaded in the memory, and how process is created for that application, and where can i see the code flow for this in android source(dialer application).

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In contrast to traditional execution a pre-running process called zygote already containing the dalvik vm and many other system libraries is told to fork a child which becomes your application process This then loads your dex classes out of your apk. The zygote and dalvik aosp sources may be of interest.

Note that a launch may not mean a new process as it may be possible to launch the activity in an existing process belonging to the application userid. Conversely, what seems to the user like de-minimizing a backgrounded activity can actually involve creation of a new process to pick up where a disposed predecessor was paused.

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thank you Chris, for your answer. –  LKL Jul 9 '12 at 1:00

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