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I'm trying to display a unique image in each row of a datagrid in a LightSwitch application. The path to the image to display is found in a column of the datagrid's source. The intent is to create a "product browser" that shows images of each product. I have a table "products" with the following string fields:

  • modelNumber
  • modelDescription
  • modelImagePath

This table is used as the data source for a search screen. I need to display the image pointed to by the path in modelImagePath for each data row. The data in modelImagePath would be something like "C:\Images\model00123.jpg".

Side Note: I would prefer to avoid adding these images as embeded resources to the project, and instead be able to load external images from arbitrary paths, but I will concede to that if there is no other way.

Thanks in advance.

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Check out this post in the LightSwitch forums which suggests the use of a RIA service to achieve what you are trying to achive...



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