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This is as simple as I can get.

I will have several spans randomly positioned on the screen through something like:

    left: '+=' + (((screen.width-800-224)/2) + Math.random()*800),
    top: '+=' + (50+Math.random()*600)
  } [...]

and later on I would like to iterate through every char of every of those elements (that are randomly position and have random rotation), and I would need to discover the (x,y) position of every character on the screen so I can colorize it, forming certain draws according to certain functions.

Is this easily achievable? Remembering that I want the (x,y) position of each -character- of a span, not (x,y) of the span itself. I am really inexperienced at javascript.

EDIT: Answering my own question: I currently managed to do what I needed by wrapping every single letter inside a <span> and later accessing its .offset().left and .offset().top through jquery. Is it that bad? :P

Thanks. Fernando.

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Something like this might get you started http://jsfiddle.net/QgRWk/

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This wont work if the text has any styling IE <span>Hello <b>World</b></span> wont return the correct location of World –  John McLear Apr 2 '13 at 20:33
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