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I am using Twitter API and developing a script. I am facing a problem with characters. I don't have any problems with the Twitter API .

I want to send 'Ö' character on twitter and my code:

    include 'lib/EpiCurl.php';
    include 'lib/EpiOAuth.php';
    include 'lib/EpiTwitter.php';
    include 'lib/secret.php';

$twitterObj     = new EpiTwitter($consumer_key, $consumer_secret);
$authtoken          = "";
$authtokens     = "";
$twitterObj->setToken($authtoken, $authtokens);
$twitterInfo        = $twitterObj->get_accountVerify_credentials();
 $isim              = $twitterInfo->name;
 $username          = $twitterInfo->screen_name;
 $resim         = $twitterInfo->profile_image_url;
 $takipci           = $twitterInfo->followers_count;
 $tweetsayi        = $twitterInfo->statuses_count;
 $twid              = $twitterInfo->id_str;
 $desc          = $twitterInfo->description;
 $mesaj         = "Ömer";
 $mesaj         = iconv("ISO-8859-1", "UTF-8", $mesaj);
 $status        = $twitterObj->post_statusesUpdate(array('status' => $mesaj));

I can't send message to Twitter

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And the problem is ...? –  tripleee Jul 7 '12 at 6:54
i wrote my problem ? I can't send "Ö" to twitter . –  CWOmer Jul 7 '12 at 7:08
What does that mean exactly? How does it appear on Twitter? Or are you getting errors? –  deceze Jul 7 '12 at 8:20
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