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My issue is that I have a big, enormous list for the AutoComplete. Example:

  1. Store A
  2. Store B
  3. Store C
  4. Store D
  5. Store F
  6. Store H
  7. Store I

As you can see they all use Store and when I start typing store I see the (...) in the phone, where I can see the other stores, but if I chose one inside that (...) it will be added to the AutoComplete and not handle by the OnItemClick. Is there anyway to solve this?

Thanks in advice

Example Pics enter image description here Here is the Store Search

enter image description here Here I clicked Store B and you can see the Toast that it was handle by OnItemClick

enter image description here Here you can see the (...) extra stores.enter image description here and finally you can see that it was added to the AutoCompleteTextView instead of handled by the OnItemClick

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Well it was ICS issue, now that I'm at JB the issue is gone.

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