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How to call a javascript function in ifram from parent window. i have a jsp page which contains an iframe. jsp page is served by "" server and iframe is served "" server.

<iframe width="1200" height="640" name="data" id="dataId" >
<input type="button" name="data" value="Save data" onclick="callSaveData();" />

tried below code from parent jsp page and recieved permission denied error in IE


also tried

document.getElementById('dataId').contentWindow.callData(); //didn't work

Function in iframe

window.callData = function(){
   alert('Iframe function');

your help is truly appreciated.

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you can do that by declaring your function in a common .js file Therefore, you can access your function from wherever you want.

Have a nice day

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common function isn't possible, as the iframe is content is served by a different team(like a third party) – amj Jul 7 '12 at 16:07

i would suggest you to use jquery.load method instead of iframe to load your second page in a div of first page and then you can call any methods from both the pages


or if you still wants to go with IFrame then you can use:

Invoking javascript in iframe from parent page

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