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I'm currently developing a TDD idmb html scraper which ill extract certain fields from the imdb webpage. Eg. Title, Synopsis,Cast etc in C++.

I'm just wondering if i have done the TDD right , i have 2 classes the Parser Class & MatchPattern class.

The parser class has like a loadfile function that loads the file into a string and then starts calling the various matchpatttern functions like MatchPattern::extractTitle(string filecontents) and stores them in Parsers' private variables.

the matchpattern is essentially a utility class with static functions. I have no problem testing the matchpattern class. But as for parser class? how should i have designed it for TDD. Am i doing it right or is there something wrong?

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If you don't have IMDB's written consent then yes, something is wrong :) See imdb.com/help/show_article?conditions –  Ed Guiness Jul 16 '09 at 12:46
its for private use. –  Sareen Jul 16 '09 at 15:54
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You don't design it for TDD, you design it using TDD... By writing the test first your design will automatically be testable. Think "How do I want to use this and how can I test it in a simple way". That's where to start.

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