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how can i redirect back to the Login form in win form application after invalid login write now i am trying this in program.cs

// Application.Run(new frmLogin());
frmLogin fm = new frmLogin();

if (fm.DialogResult == DialogResult.OK && Global.Login)
    Application.Run(new MDIParent1());
else if(fm.DialogResult==DialogResult.Cancel)
    MessageBox.Show("Wrong Username Or Password");
    Application.Run(new frmLogin());
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on frmLogin implementation check validity and show message box:

// in frmLogin.cs
if(/* loginn is valid*/)
    this.DialogResult = DialogResult.OK;
    MessageBox.Show("Wrong Username Or Password");
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Why are you not handling the "Invalid Login" in the Login form itself? Dont return to the calling form until the login is valid.

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