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<label class="xyz">
<span class="aaaa">Rs. </span>
<label class="xyz">
<span class="aaaa">Rs. </span>
function deciremove(){
var all = document.getElementsByClassName('xyz');
for(var i=0; i< all.length; i++)

var x = all[i].childNodes[2].nodeValue;
x= Math.round(x);
all[i].childNodes[2].nodeValue = x;

in above code i want Rounding Off Decimals two values, when a value is 199.00 it works well n gives 199 but when 1,399.00 it gives NaN. and this is because of ",". so how do i ignore or delete ",".

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Replace the commas.

x= Math.round(x.replace(/,/g, ''));
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You need to replace the "," with ""

  x= Math.round(x.replace(/\,/g,''));


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there may be more than 1 , :) – Jashwant Jul 7 '12 at 8:07

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