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Regarding to cookbook we can cache elements like this:

echo $this->element('helpbox', array(), array('cache' => true));

Caching with configuration is like this:

echo $this->element('helpbox', array(),
    array('cache' => array('config' => 'view_long') );

How can I cache elements without predefined configuration ? How can I cache duration to elements? I tried this, but didn't work:

echo $this->element('helpbox',  array(),
     array('cache' => array('time' => '+30 minutes')));
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You need to configure cache in app/Config/bootstrap.php:

Cache::config('hour', array(
    'engine' => 'File',
    'duration' => '+1 hours',
    'path' => CACHE,
    'prefix' => 'cake_short_'

Cache::config('week', array(
    'engine' => 'File',
    'duration' => '+1 week',
    'probability' => 100,
    'path' => CACHE . 'long' . DS,

after this you can cache your element using defined configuration:

echo $this->element('helpbox', array(), array('cache' => array('config' => 'week')));
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Thank you, that works great! Last line needs one more right parentheses. –  trante Jul 7 '12 at 17:18

Since you can only reference named cache configurations now, if you want to clear the cached element programmatically, you need to use Cache::delete() with the element name and key.

I wrote a blog post about this. There's also some more detail in the relevant CakePHP forum thread.

(8/31/14) I haven't checked if this is still the behavior in CakePHP 2.5.

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