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I'm trying to include the glm/ext.hpp extensions header to my project. Whereas glm.hpp can be included effortlessly and the project simply builds cleanly, the extensions for this library yield tons of compile time errors.. for example, there are some auxiliary inline header files (.inl) with some macro definitions that throw the errors:

  • int_10_10_2.inl : Semantic Issue
        GLM_FUNC_QUALIFIER dword uint10_10_10_2_cast
                glm::vec4 const & v
            ) //-> Expected a class or namespace | Expected ';' after top level declarator etc.
  • type_vec2.hpp :
            union {value_type x, r, s;}; //Union member 'x' has a non-trivial copy constructor ..etc
            union {value_type y, g, t;};

What could be the conflicting construction (a hint on what files to analyze would be most helpful)? Has anyone else successfully include ext.hpp in an XCode project?

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