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How do I use PowerShell to stop and start a "Generic Service" as seen in the Microsoft "Cluster Administrator" software?

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You can also use WMI. You can get all the Generic Services with:

$services = Get-WmiObject -Computer "Computer" -namespace 'root\mscluster' `
MSCluster_Resource | Where {$_.Type -eq "Generic Service"}

To stop and start a service:

$timeout = 15
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Great...But when executing I got some admin error. So I added this parameter -Authentication PacketPrivacy and it worked. Thanks – Sunil Agarwal Sep 29 '11 at 11:59

It turns out the answer is to simply use the command line tool CLUSTER.EXE to do this:

cluster RES MyGenericServiceName /OFF

cluster RES MyGenericServiceName /ON

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