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We need to achieve a push functionality in our chat application chat for android. We do not want to pursue the method of polling a http-endpoint based on a DB because that would mean polling, and its seriously going to drain the battery too fast.

So, we are looking for a realtime Push framework or a PubSub mechanism with channel subscription (each user will be aunique channelname for his lifetime). We have gone through the following:

  • Faye.js (based on nodejs and redis, but doesnt have an android library for clients)
  • Pusher (but this has a limit of "active connection". This will not let many users be online since each user login will create a connection to pusher.com which is billed)
  • PubNub (same problem as Pusher.com)

Any messaging framework with android client library would do in our case.

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Try out Google Cloud Messaging for Android.

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@Downvoter Care to comment why this was down voted? –  Dheeraj V.S. Aug 23 '12 at 8:05

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