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Is it possible to delete a device to increase the device count in my Apple developer account?

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No. Deleting a device DOES NOT (immediately) increase your available device count. You have to wait until your apple developer account has been renewed, then visit the provisioning center and tap on devices.

You will see a message like this;

enter image description here

This is your ONE AND ONLY opportunity for the year to prune your device list. Click the devices you want to remove and tap on 'remove selected' at the bottom of the screen. Note that as soon as you (or another member of your team with sufficient rights) adds a device - INCLUDING AUTOMATICALLY PROVISIONED ones, you lose the ability to delete any more for the rest of the year (you can tell I'm speaking from experience here can't you?)

It's probably therefore better to remove lots in one go if you are getting close to the limit (and don't forget new devices launching each year etc) and then put back any that turn out to be needed.

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I renewed my account but I dont see any messages like that :( –  Can Aksoy Dec 12 '12 at 12:10
See developer.apple.com/support/ios/account-management.html - you get the opportunity once per membership year but I'm not sure exactly what date it will be - you could probably contact Apple to ask when your anniversary date is. –  Roger Dec 13 '12 at 12:26
I renewed my account, but my anniversary date is a few days later. I am waiting for that day. For how many days will be available for reseting? only that day? –  Can Aksoy Dec 14 '12 at 11:32
Message is not shown in the answer –  Brad Thomas Feb 13 at 14:17

yes, but number of devices will be refreshed after renew developer subscription

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