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I have developed an android app under phonegap. I have used local notification plugin. I was trying to get notification from server when app activity was paused.

I tried in javascript:

document.addEventListener("pause", onPause, false); function onPause() {
// Handle the pause event

setInterval( function() {
            url: 'http://convert4mobile.net/backend/API/qr/push.php',
            callbackKey: 'callback',
            success: function(data)

                if(data.success == true)
                    if (typeof plugins !== "undefined") {
                        date : new Date(),
                        message : data.time+"\r\n"+data.msg,
                        ticker : "A new code was generated",
                        repeatDaily : false,
                        id : 4//data.uid
} , 10000);}

And in my main activity :

@Override  public void onBackPressed() { moveTaskToBack(true);  return;  } }

To pause the event every time when the back button was pressed.

But when the app was getting paused by back button/end call button/screen lock the pause event was not working. I just get it work for only one time.

What I'm missing?

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