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I'm just trying to reset my css, this doesn't seem to work although it follows the same structure detailed here:

function labelReset(){
    $(".year").css("color" : "#000", "opacity" : "0.5", "size" : "14px");
    $(".dot").css("background-color" : "#000", "width" : "7px", "height" : "7px");

any thoughts?

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W3Schools is generally crap. If you want to know about the jQuery syntax, go directly to the jQuery docs. – Anthony Grist Jul 7 '12 at 10:19
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You forgot to use brackets {}:

   function labelReset(){
        $(".year").css({"color" : "#000", "opacity" : "0.5", "size" : "14px"});
        $(".dot").css({"background-color" : "#000", "width" : "7px", "height" : "7px"});

For single property: .css( propertyName, value ), for multiple properties: .css( map ), check jQuery API css.

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ah I was confused slightly by their one bracket example, thanks very much guys – Joe Jul 7 '12 at 10:22

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