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I am trying to set Windows's position property and in the design I have four arrow keys for up down right and left. Now my requirement is that whenever I click an up button a pop up text should open up and ask to enter x coordinate value after entering the value it should shift that value to right or left wherever it is given.

When I close my form and reopen again it should open at the last changed position that is it should remember the last x y position and open at same position.

Any suggestions would be highly Appreciated.

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Where would you start? –  DCookie Jul 7 '12 at 15:48
where are you failing? use key-up form level trigger to show your popup. –  Sathya Jul 20 '12 at 12:09

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I am assuming you are using WHEN-BUTTON-PRESSED trigger in each of you four keys to open a pop-up. You can store the values of x and y coordinates in a table (TAB_COORDINATES) with columns X_COORD and Y_COORD. Every time user enters an x and y coordinate you can simply update the columns in the table with that value. Now in your form level trigger WHEN-NEW-FORM-INSTANCE you can query the table to find the x and y coordinates and use code below to set it.

set_window_property(winname,x_pos, x);
set_window_property(winname,y_pos, y);

This way, when a user opens up the the form it would be positioned at the x and y values in the table. Remember, this x and y values would take effect at a global level i.e. all users will see it set at those coordinates unless your application has a special way of setting such parameters at a user level.

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