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I am using html-5 slider

      <input type="range" .. />

I want to slider's min and max values on its left and right side respectively . How can i do this?

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<input type="range" min="20" max="80" />


Also the following attributes can be applied to input type="range"

  • max - specifies the maximum value allowed
  • min - specifies the minimum value allowed
  • step - specifies the legal number intervals
  • value - specifies the default value
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If you want to display min and max values on its left and right, just print there:

10 <input type="range" min="10" max="20" /> 20

You could use css too, though its not widely supported.

input[type="range"]:before {
    content: attr(min) " ";
input[type="range"]:after {
    content: " " attr(max);
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