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I'm fetching dates from MySQL as strings (Y-m-d format). I need to display a chart using Highcharts. Highcharts uses javascript Date.UTC function:

Return the number of milliseconds between a specified date and midnight January 1 1970.

data: [
    [Date.UTC(1970,  9, 27), 0   ],
    [Date.UTC(1970, 10, 10), 0.6 ],
    [Date.UTC(1970, 10, 18), 0.7 ],
    [Date.UTC(1970, 11,  2), 0.8 ],
    [Date.UTC(1970, 11,  9), 0.6 ],

But i'd like to avoid javascript and do in in PHP (assigning a JSON object - the chart - to the page itself). What's the equivalent of Date.UTC function in PHP (regardless the server datezone)?

$date      = '2012-07-07';
$millisecs = 1000 * unix_timestap_utc_regardless_server_zone($date);
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I would use

$today = date(getdate());

That would set $today as the date.

EDIT: Niclas is also right, this is just how I would do it.

EDIT 2: You can replace getdate() with a valid timestamp in PHP, if you like...

EDIT 3: Sorry... Misunderstanding... use strtotime() to make a valid timestamp!

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You can look at this:




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Thanks. But (for example) strtotime is going to use the time zone specified in my PHP.ini, right? –  Polmonino Jul 7 '12 at 11:01
yes, most date functions do. rtfm –  mightyuhu Jul 7 '12 at 11:04
@mightyuhu you're so kind people... –  Polmonino Jul 7 '12 at 12:46
strtotime is only going to use defult timezone if you dosn't provide one your self, like strtotime("00:00:00 UTC") –  Puggan Se Jul 10 '12 at 21:22

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