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I want to implement libpurple in android to integrate all the IM chat support to Android application, for that I'm using following links to work with:

Compiling libpurple on Android

Following is the repository for android [ repository for android]

But problem is that, I have downloaded the full repository but as suggested in Compilation steps, there is no "android/workspace" folder downloaded from the server to my PC.

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@gtumca-MAC : First install Mercurial tool in windows and then run this "hg clone"; command. It will download all the files from server. – Dipali Jul 7 '12 at 11:33
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To get the Android code I run:

hg clone android

This gets me a copy of the whole repository in the folder android. Then to switch to the Android branch I'll run the command:

hg checkout

At which point I can then see the folder with the Android workspace in.

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