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I have written a class to load an XML file but I always get this error message:

ArgumentNullException was unhandled This method does not accept null for this parameter. Parameter name: texture

I get the error message in the batch.Draw():

public void Draw(SpriteBatch batch)

What is wrong in the Sprite class? I uploaded my project here:

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The problem is that, like the error says, the variable texture in the Sprite drawing code is null.

The cause of the problem is: you call the Load() method to load the list of sprites from the XML file, but that won't reconstruct the Texture property of the Sprite class. Thus, to fix your error, for each sprite you should call the Load() too.

That means, in the LoadContent() method of the Game1 class, after the sprites = Content.Load<List<Sprite>>("Levelinf"); line, do something like this:

foreach(Sprite sprite in sprites) {

Now, each sprite will have it's texture loaded.

PS: this is more like a C# /XNA problem rather than a XML one :)

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Thanks! You saved my day! – Homer_Simpson Jul 7 '12 at 16:47
You should mark him as accepted then :) – A-Type Jul 9 '12 at 16:24

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