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When building a simple hello-world-style project trying to embed v8 I get an

error LNK2001: ""public: static class v8::Local __cdecl v8::String::New(char const *,int)" (?New@String@v8@@SA?AV?$Local@VString@v8@@@2@PEBDH@Z)"

Something's wrong with my project settings and I can't seem to figure it out. This is my source file:

#include "stdafx.h"
#include "v8.h"

using namespace System;

#pragma unmanaged

void test()
    v8::Local<v8::String> source = v8::String::New("'Hello' + ', World'");

#pragma managed

int main(array<System::String ^> ^args)
    return 0;

Compiling seems to work fine, I added the v8 directory of the node 0.8.0 project (node-v0.8.0\deps\v8\include). In terms of linking, I added these libs as additional dependencies.


I'm on Windows 7, 64 bit. My project is set to build x64, as is node.js (installed using the 'Windows x64 installer'). What's wrong?

Update I figured that when building for x64, the additional dependencies I added are completely ignored (the error messages are the same whether I add them or not). But when building for win32, I get different error messages. (Btw: Does that mean the lib files are for x86 and not x64 - as I assumed - and why didn't the linker tell me so? Update: dumpbin told me, the lib files are indeed for x86).

In addition to v8_base and v8_snapshot, the linker errors lead me to add


Which gets rid of all "unresolved external symbol" errors. But now I get a LNK2005 "already defined" error:

エラー 1   error LNK2005: __matherr は既に LIBCMT.lib(_matherr_.obj) で定義されています。   c:\...\HelloC++CLIWorld\HelloC++CLIWorld\MSVCRTD.lib(merr.obj)  HelloC++CLIWorld

I tried /NODEFAULTLIB:LIBCMT, then I get an LNK2001 "unresolved external symbol":

エラー 1   error LNK2001: 外部シンボル "__HUGE" は未解決です。  c:\...\HelloC++CLIWorld\HelloC++CLIWorld\v8_base.lib(heap.obj)  HelloC++CLIWorld

I also tried `/NODEFAULTLIB:MSVCRTD', but then I get tons of LNK2001s again. A tiny selection:

エラー 1   error LNK2001: 外部シンボル "___native_dllmain_reason" は未解決です。    c:\...\HelloC++CLIWorld\HelloC++CLIWorld\MSVCMRTD.lib(mstartup.obj) HelloC++CLIWorld
エラー 2   error LNK2001: 外部シンボル "___native_vcclrit_reason" は未解決です。    c:\...\HelloC++CLIWorld\HelloC++CLIWorld\MSVCMRTD.lib(mstartup.obj) HelloC++CLIWorld
エラー 3   error LNK2001: 外部シンボル "___native_startup_state" は未解決です。 c:\...\HelloC++CLIWorld\HelloC++CLIWorld\MSVCMRTD.lib(mstartup.obj) HelloC++CLIWorld
エラー 4   error LNK2001: 外部シンボル "___native_startup_lock" は未解決です。  c:\...\HelloC++CLIWorld\HelloC++CLIWorld\MSVCMRTD.lib(mstartup.obj) HelloC++CLIWorld
エラー 5   error LNK2001: 外部シンボル ""extern "C" int __cdecl __wgetmainargs(int *,wchar_t * * *,wchar_t * * *,int,struct _startupinfo *)" (?__wgetmainargs@@$$J0YAHPAHPAPAPA_W1HPAU_startupinfo@@@Z)" は未解決です。 c:\...\HelloC++CLIWorld\HelloC++CLIWorld\MSVCMRTD.lib(ManagedMain.obj)  HelloC++CLIWorld

Now what?

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And a second, more personal question, if I may: Am I really THAT stupid? As a seasoned developer who has played with Pascal, C, x86 asm two decades ago as a kid and spent more than a decade doing mainly Java and C# for a living, and a bunch of other languages, how comes I am struggling with a simple hello world style app (and heck, I'm not even trying to print the string, just creating it!) for three solid hours? I must be stupid! (A simple confirmation is fine, too) –  SuperHorst Jul 7 '12 at 12:33
"trying to use V8 from C++/CLI" isn't exactly what most of us would consider a "simple hello world style app". –  jalf Jul 7 '12 at 13:59
Is the fact that I am using CLI part of the problem? –  SuperHorst Jul 7 '12 at 22:55
@jalf I checked a simple C++ project without CLI. The problems were the same as with CLI. But after switching to from X64 to Win32 (see my updated question) and adding winmm.lib and ws2_32.lib it worked in C++. In CLI however I get an LNK2005 (because of additional libs necessary for CLI?) –  SuperHorst Jul 7 '12 at 23:59
I hate static linking. Just out of curiosity, what happens when you use a path that doesn't have ++ in its name? And /NDEFAULTLIB:LIBCMT seems to be a bit optimistic, there's a lot of libraries to ignore with /NODEFAULTLIB – Jul 8 '12 at 0:15

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I figured out 2 things:

  • Visual Studio will not complain about the wrong architecture in a lib file you add to the linker settings as additional dependencies, but just ignore the file (I think I'm running at the default warning levels)
  • using dumpbin mylib.lib /headers|more revealed that the libs I thought were built for x64 were in fact built for x86

As written in the Update part of my question, I could not get an x86 build to work, due to LNK2005 errors, but linking worked when I built for x64 against a x64 v8 lib (or rather, node.lib, which contains v8).

The bad news: After having managed the compilation step, and now the linking step, I get a runtime exception, even when I, as I'm supposed to do, do a

HandleScope handle_scope;

before new'ing the v8::String. But that's for another question. For now, linking is solved, at least on x64. Oh happy day!

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